6 Eye for Detail Tips When Buying Blockout Curtains

6 Eye for Detail Tips When Buying Blockout Curtains

Homeowners that find themselves in the market for blockout curtains recognise that they can take their domestic comforts to the next level.

Thanks to a thicker lining of fabric that is included in the design, these brands offer superior privacy and security measures as well as greater control over light exposure and temperature conditions inside the room.

Yet it is important to state that not every blockout material is the same or that every supplier offers the same guarantees.

This is where an eye for detail counts, something that can be taught to interested buyers.

1) Quality of the Fabric

Consumers who approach blockout curtains with an eye for detail will be presented with a series of fabric selections, allowing them to customise a design that speaks to their tastes and interior interests. The most important strategy that they should adopt in this space is to buy authentically made brands that deliver a quality fabric choice. From nylon to voile, cotton, gauze, synthetics, lace and muslin varieties, it is essential that buyers don’t shortchange themselves in this context, opting for genuine curtains that have authentic textures and threads.

2) Durability & Lack of Fading

While velvets, silks and linens have a degree of prestige about them, there is no question that there can be durability issues on this front. For households that want sustainability with blockout curtains, it is worthwhile approaching suppliers and inquire about the longevity of the product. One issue that these items can suffer from over time is fading as they are subjected to continued light exposure. Identify those brands that last the distance because a faded curtain arrangement doesn’t deliver any aesthetic value.

3) Colour Suitability

Buying blockout curtains

Half of the battle with these blockout designs is finding a collection that matches the colour arrangement of the premises. From vibrant and warm colour schemes to neutral presentations and cooler alternatives, the eye for detail approach is to reflect on the demands of the location and identify what aesthetic will complement the rest of the arrangement. The objective is to avoid clashes, not necessarily with colours directly, but with colour tones, allowing the client to establish some form of consistency and character in the room. 

4) Community Standing of the Brand

Among all of the features that shoppers should pinpoint with blockout curtains, it should be the reception from other customers in the market that sits high on the agenda. If they see that the design can deliver superior privacy measures, that it moderates room temperature and controls the light exposure inside the premises, then that will be reflected through the ratings and reviews online. It will also be present during personal referrals from friends and family who have recommendations with blockout curtains.

5) Accurate Measuring

Blockout curtains have to be precise for the window treatment. If they are slightly off kilter and happen to be too big or too small, it won’t work as a proposition. Engage suppliers to see if they customise the fabric and if they can identify a solution that works for width and length.

6) Price Bracket & Savings Opportunities

Anyone can take a quick glance at the price tag of blockout curtains and have a gauge for what is affordable and what the average prices may be. The important approach that shoppers need to use in these environments is to identify what their minimum and maximum price brackets happen to be and where the sales and discount opportunities reside. Participants don’t have to settle for 100% retail cost because there are outlets that are happy to cut the prices accordingly. The key is to pinpoint when those options are open, most commonly across Black Friday and Boxing Day sales with special provisions for registered customers on the discount list.