Tired of the Same Holidays? Get a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour


A holiday is a luxury. It’s meant to be a time spent with close family and friends, where you can make treasured memories with those you care about. Naturally, you don’t want to be doing the same thing repeatedly, as this defeats the purpose of going on a holiday. You should be doing something new and exciting every time. Therefore, you should organize a Grand Canyon helicopter ride during your next holiday break to maximise your enjoyment. Don’t spend your precious free time in front of the television watching Netflix or Stan, wasting your best days. Instead, consider doing some travelling to get to know the world you live in. If you have never been to that part of the US, here are several reasons why.


So much to do

There is so much to do in that area of the United States. Not only can you do a Grand Canyon helicopter tour, but you can also check out other parts of the Colorado Corridor. You can even organise an aerial ride through America’s most famous ravine and head on through to the City of Sin, filled with decadent casinos and opulent restaurants. Check out the Bellagio Hotel or the MGM for the most beautiful architecture and buzzing gambling life the world has to offer. You won’t regret it.


See the beauty of the natural world

Arguably, the most amazing benefit of going on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour is that you get unparalleled access to one of the world’s great natural wonders. Whilst there are plenty of lookout points along the North and South rim of the ravine, you can’t really see much from these vantage points. Indeed, if you want to see the most hidden and exclusive parts of the geography, like the Dragon Corridor, you simply must buy a Grand Canyon helicopter tour for your next holiday. Get in touch with the world’s most exotic and secretive flora.


Value for money

Not only do you get access to such a beautiful natural landmark, but the aerial route is more economically viable. Why? Well, in the past tourists would have to drive or take a bus to the gorge. This would generally take a good chunk of the day, plus there is nothing to see on the way there and back. Factor in petrol, bus fares and money for lunch breaks and suddenly, the whole process is quite costly.

Instead, a Grand Canyon helicopter tour saves you a lot of time. Firstly, you can pick up the ride at multiple locations. They generally depart from several locations in Colorado and Las Vegas, so if you’re staying in Las Vegas for the time being, this is your best option.


Fantastic memories

Furthermore, it’s also a nice thought to know that you did something memorable and enjoyable. Everyone has their own stories from Las Vegas, generally filled with drunken mishaps and gambling wins (or losses). Instead of being the same person who mucks around in the world of casinos and fine dining, be the person who did something memorable and different. Make sure you bring a camera to take plenty of photos during your Grand Canyon helicopter tour – it really is a wonderful sight to behold.

As a side note, it’s important to be prepared for the high-altitude climate on your Grand Canyon helicopter tour. In summer (the most popular time), the Colorado sunlight is glary, which can detract from the spectacle. Bring a good quality pair of sunglasses and some sunscreen, particularly if you have fair skin. Alternatively, bring a nice warm jacket and beanie if you’re going in late autumn or winter– it can get cold at that height in the sky.