Top Samsung Mobiles of 2018

Samsung Mobiles

1. Samsung Galaxy S9-

There is no question that S9 is the best phone of the year 2018. The mobile device offers an excellent all-round experience with blending design, software, and hardware to make the mobile more appealing to any users. Only an extra amount is to be paid to purchase the S9+ but buy it only if you want an extra camera, bigger camera and other upgrades such as more RAM, battery life and storage.


2. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus-

This mobile device is beautiful and a perfect phone, it offers a lot of specs and features in a sleek and better-made design. The problem with mobile was that it was similar to the S9 mobile. The company has not taken out the headphone jack. The mobile device is the best phone money can buy, but the question is that should you buy it instead of S9. The answer to this query is yes, but only if you want to bear the extra cost and also the larger size of the phone. The mobile also comes with a second rear camera

Samsung Mobiles


3. Samsung Galaxy Note 9-

If you wish to buy an android phone with every feature working under the sun, Note 9 is the best phone for the business. It has a premium design, long-lasting battery life and also a unique S-Pen and it is the best phone to purchase currently. Everyone does not favor the features of the phone as it is bigger in size and worth a lot of money. The S9 has a similar design and also costs lesser, but note 9 has the best display in the business and even a 4000mAh battery. The note9 also comes with liquid cooling and can run any mobile games.


4. Samsung Galaxy Note 8-

Even though Note 9 is released and has an improved battery life, the Note 8 is still killing in the market. The mobile has a huge, yet amazing display amongst the best phones with a processing power better than any phone in the market. The phone’s dual-camera can take excellent portrait pictures, and the only set back is that its S-Pen lacks as compared to Note 9 are Bluetooth.

5. Samsung Galaxy S8-

Samsung has brought in the best phone from the year 2016 and made it better with the new infinity screen and premium design. The phone is the mobile of the year 2017 and is even half the price from its competitors iPhone X. The only problem with the mobile is the biometrics which is a downside to it. If you wish to purchase a bigger phone, then the S8+ is the best option as it has a larger screen and battery life. The phone is also known for its stunning camera and portrait images.