Where To Look For Remote Internships

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The working world is constantly evolving, and the latest revolution in office culture is working outside of the office. Businesses have had to adapt the ways that they operate in the last year and many are making more permanent shifts to flexible working arrangement. More people than ever before are now undertaking remote internships as a result, which flexible, work from home programs becoming increasingly popular with busy students and graduates trying to fit work experience around studies and other commitments. Remote internships look great on resumes and are very well received by potential employers, so they’re a great first step into the working world for students and grads and can help them to gain the edge when trying to get a job. If you’re looking into the advantages that remote internships can offer and where you can find one, then read on below.

What do you want to intern in?

Step one in finding remote internships that will get you where you want to be is to thinking about exactly what it is that you need to get experience in. Think about what your dream job is, what you’re studying and what kinds of companies you want to work for. Most majors have many different kinds of career paths that you can follow so you should have a think about what it is that you want to gain experience in. Remote internships open up great opportunities to gain experience in companies that you might not have otherwise had the option to work for.

Research options

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A fantastic tip for finding good remote internships is to research different companies and providers. There are a number of agencies out there who can help you find work experience options. They act as an intermediary between companies looking to find interns and students or grads who want to find remote internships. A good place to start is with an online search to see what’s available, the great thing about flexible work arrangements is that it often also means you aren’t limited to agencies or companies from your home town. Look at the review online or think about what kinds of companies you’d like to work for. You should also do some research into what kinds of internships they offer, how is it structured? Is it fairly formal? Will you be partnered with a mentor? Will you be working with other interns? Will you rotate through different departments? Consider what works for you and what kind of work experience you’d like to gain. If you’re having a difficult time finding work experience, ask friends and family, they may know of good work opportunities through their own professional networks and may be able to help connect you with different companies. Universities are also a good place to turn to as they often have job boards available or connections with companies to help their students get internships.

Think about how long you want to intern for

One important thing to think about is how long you want to intern for. Do you want something short that you can fit into your university break over the summer? Do you want something a bit longer that you can fit around studies? Do you need something that is a few days a week or do you want to experience working full time? It’s important to know what your requirements are.

Make a list

All remote internships will be slightly different, so make a list of the ones you’d like to apply for and compare their pros and cons. Applying can be a lengthy process, so it’s good to narrow it down to the ones you want most.